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Video for a beginner's songwriting session coming soon!

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Regaining My Voice 

Hey lovelies!

It's been quite the battle for the last 2.5 years, but I'm still going with rehab exercises on a daily basis to regain my voice and strength in vocal use. That said, I've been improving a lot this year since I began an intensive vocal therapy and singing program. While I still need anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days of full vocal rest between each 1-5 hours of use, the time inbetween is getting shorter and shorter! Hell, I'm singing quietly sometimes for a few minutes at a time.

That said, I'm looking forward to seeing you soon with workshops, as well as a demo album that is in pre-production - where I'm the songwriter, singer and producer! Time for those who doubted my ability to speak or sing again wrong!

Enjoy the Summer and get on to the newsletter list (top of the page) for all the updates so you don't miss learning opportunities, call outs for collaborations, and new music!



Featured Artist at AudioBarn Mtl 

Thank you to AudioBarn Mtl, for asking me to contribute to their blog as their feature artist and organization for the month! 

Diversity, inclusion and equality, especially regarding women and non-binary, is a sticky subject in the music industry. Audiobarn Mtl is so open-minded to learning about the realities. The conversation between us is continuing, and awareness is increasing. Much appreciated, and much love! Read it here.

Happy holidays to you!! Whether with your loved ones, or busy with self-love, remember to enjoy every minute and drink endless cups of hot cocoa (possibly spiked!)

Much Love,



Artist Development Isn't Just For Artists  

First, I'm giving a fun, but straight to the point, no sugar-coated fluff workshop on "The Art of Networking" designed for all artists, producers, musicians, and anyone in the music industry to learn how to stand out and get ahead! Check out this page for more details!

Second, I'm giving a BIG SHOUT OUT TO JULIEN CHRIS, who is a seriously driven artist manager in France!   

We had a great initial conversation and I can't wait to teach him everything he needs to know about branding, marketing, creating social media accounts properly, attracting fans and engaging with them on social accounts and in real life, gaining attention locally, booking shows, distribution, touring and more! He's working with a talented duo and with the right music industry knowledge, positive mindset and a lot of ACTION, I know we can help them move up in the music scene together.   

Artist development isn't just for artists. ;)   

That said, I have a few openings left for November, so if you're interested in artist development sessions, whether it's just for one specific area or a few important questions, or much more than that, please contact me ASAP so I can make sure I can give you the time and attention you deserve!   

Much Love,  



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