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Purna is an Indo-Canadian producer/composer/mixer, songwriter, musician, artist (pop, synth, rock, acoustic, folk, country), booking manager and artist development mentor based in Montreal, Canada. She uses music to create awareness, open public dialogue and provide work opportunities for various communities who deserve equal rights. This includes women and girls, LGBT, and the deaf/mute using ASL/QSL to communicate. She encourages ethnic diversity, representing her own background using India’s national animal, the peacock, in her logo. 

With 11 years of experience in the music industry and in business, Purna has taught at both Concordia University and Carleton University, and has managed and collaborated on various audio/video productions, including “I Shot the Monkey” by Mackenzie 1st, which received rotation on MusiquePlus and MTV. She has initiated several songwriting projects and hosts various workshops independently as well as with music organizations (FACTOR Canada, and Le MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris, France). She has been Band Manager and given workshop on “Home Recording Basics” and “Intro to Songwriting” for “Rock Camp For Girls and Gender Non-Conforming Youth” in Montreal. She currently serves on the Board of Directors at the English Language Artist Network as a Corporate Representative, and she sits on their Inclusion Committee. She is also a Juror for FACTOR. 

Other than working on her own music, Purna produces, composes and mixes for other artists, books shows for artists she develops, and provides valuable creative and business knowledge to artists to help them reach their full potential via artist development services and public workshops. This includes: branding authentically, the art of networking, marketing for fan base growth and sales, distribution, contracts, songwriting and production critiques, setting boundaries for mental health needs, stage presence, media training, working with diverse individuals and groups, and more. She is there for every step to help artists generate the career results they are seeking by navigating the music industry. 

Purna holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication Studies (Specialization in Sound Design), a Master Degree in Music and Culture (Musicology), and Certificates in Teaching Assistance, Music and Creativity, and Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) Energy, specializing in stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. She has had opportunities to learn from industry recognized names including David Usher, The Good Lovelies, Alyssa Jacey, Doak Turner, Marc-Alan Barnette, Deanna Walker, Tara Shannon, Richard Bassett, and more. 

In 2019, Purna is focused on creating a demo album to showcase her songwriting and production skills, developing workshops on creativity and music business skills, developing artists, representing Forestare as their International booking manager (outside Quebec), and is taking an online business program to expand her career and clientele.

In her free time, Purna enjoys reading, staying active, teaching mind-body healing practices, spending time with close friends, creating new recipes, dancing, and endless cups of tea and kombucha.

Working with Purna is like working with your super-smart, super-talented best friend. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on a few projects with her [for co-writing and production] and all sessions can be summed up as productive, fun, and pseudo therapeutic.”

— Cindy Cote, formerly of Canadian touring band, Sindication

Artist Statement

Upon beginning my career in the music industry, I faced many sexist experiences, particularly on the technical side as a producer. My mission began as understanding this complex dilemma, leading the way for women and the LGBT community consisting of all races to have equal opportunities and to be treated with respect in pursuing their passions. 

The lack of female role models who are in the spotlight for pursuing and creating great work became clear, which also contributes to young girls being unaware that technical positions are possible for them. My vision then extended to teaching equality, teamwork and leadership to boys and girls from early ages. 

Two weeks after I began pre-production for my first album in 2017, I suffered a concussion that left various neurological and muscular challenges, including vocal disability. Very quickly, I witnessed the lack of awareness, sensitivity and seriousness the majority of people have towards those who cannot speak, including many who are/were close to me. I became much more conscientious and empathetic to the needs of those who cannot speak, including the high rate of unemployment amongst those with disabilities in general. 

I began to learn American Sign Language (ASL) and decided to include those who cannot speak (as well as women and those who identify as LGBT) to contribute to the creation of all of my albums and content in any way possible to, in a sense, give them their voices back. Having improved vocally, there is no guarantee of full recovery according to the medical system. This drives me to continue healing daily via rehab and drastic life changes, and to provide career opportunities for those who face similar situations.

My musical style ranges from fun and upbeat to mellow and quiet, from synth pop and rock, to country and acoustic compositions. These are influenced by Tegan and Sara, Lights, Metric, Hanson, Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind and Matchbox 20, just to name a few. As a songwriter and artist, the lyrics tackle heavy subjects including women’s rights and protection in domestic relationships, mental health challenges, and fundamental life lessons we must all learn as human spirits (from falling in love and heartbreak, to kindness and betrayal), to help those who are enduring the same situations, offering relatability, healing and hope.