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Current Projects

Purna is a producer and mix engineer for pop, rock, alternative, folk and some country artists who use live instruments. She also creates custom synth tracks. Below are examples of songs she's produced, written and co-written, as well as tracks available for purchase for any artist who is interested. 

In addition, Purna is currently in pre-production for her debut single set to be released in September 2020. After 3.5 years of intensive vocal, brain and musco-skeletal recovery (and going), she can now sing again. Her life and career still revolves around long periods of vocal rest and limited vocal use. However, she is incredibly grateful and excited to have this part of her career move forward, at last!

Purna would like to involve those who use ASL in the creation of her projects to allow their voices, in sense, to be heard. This includes playing instruments, singing by making sounds with their voices (not necessarily comprehensive words), graphic design, photography, and more.

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I worked with Purna recording several projects, some for her, some for me. She is professional and goal oriented. What I appreciated the most was how comfortable she made me feel in the studio. It was easy for me to give my best!! Thanks Purna. :)”

— Mathew Bouchard, formerly of Canadian band, Outreason

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Working with Purna is like working with your super-smart, super-talented best friend. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on a few projects with her [for co-writing and production] and all sessions can be summed up as productive, fun, and pseudo therapeutic.”

— Cindy Cote, formerly of the Canadian touring band, Sindication

Pop // Rock // Folk

Instrumental Custom Productions (available for sale)

Her ears connect well to her thought process and she's able to communicate clear ideas and precise instruction when producing.”

Graham Leduc of Modern Ghost, formerly of Mackenzie 1st