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Functional Artist Development

Purna turns the traditional model of artist development on its head by using a unique interdisciplinary approach that has yet to be seen in the music industry, which she refers to as Functional Artist Development.  Combining the core and most important concepts in music creation, the music industry, entrepreneurship, personal development, psychology, sociology, science and holistic practices, she helps artists define who they are (and are not) as individuals and creators, set clear and precise short term and long term goals, create specific plans to inform artists how to reach them (the way a GPS gives the route to any destination), and guide artists every step of the way.

Purna primarily works in the genres of Top 100 synth, pop, indie/rock, folk and country.  She offers both mentorship as well as functional artist development plans, depending on where the artist is now and what their needs are.

Purna's approach allows artists to grow in their clarity and skills in personal development, creativity and learn business concepts needed to not only survive, but thrive and stand out from the crowd in the music industry.

    Mentorship and Functional Artist Development Services

    • Songwriting lessons 
    • Songwriting critique 
    • Production critique 
    • Goal setting 
    • Branding  
    • Marketing strategies 
    • Social media strategic planning and marketing 
    • The art of networking and crucial steps to take 
    • Website creation and design for increased followers and sales 
    • Building and leading a team 
    • Financing projects
    • Contracts 
    • Stage presence
    • Media training
    • Overcoming issues on mindset, personal development, limiting beliefs and fears
    • Mental health boundaries 
    • Finding the "why" and personal purpose
    • Working with, through and around diverse needs (women, LGBTQ, those with disabilities, traditional Asian cultures)
    • And more! 


      This is For Artists Who Are:

      • Coachable
      • Open-minded
      • Humble
      • Goal-oriented
      • Serious about their career
      • Dedicated
      • Ambitious
      • Polite
      • Punctual
      • Want to learn how to improve their craft
      • Want to learn about business via artist development
      • Willing to put in the work required and can follow a plan
      • Ready to learn essential strategies to move their career forward as a team along with the artist developer
      • Know where they are in their career and own it
      • Crystal clear on their goals, or, are want help creating them with an artist developer or mentor
      • Open to new possibilities and opportunities with their music, market and outreach
      • Aware and respectful of what an artist developer with 10+ years of experience can bring to the table
      • Aware they have access to the artist developer's network across Canada, USA, UK and France
      • Aware that they are investing into their career and SAVING A LOT OF MONEY in the long run by having a professional guide them into the best possible decisions the way an artist manager would, instead spending thousands of dollars and years approaching things incorrectly, or doing things that doesn't effectively support the progress of their career
      Purna is an amazing mentor & coach. She knows how to adjust to your needs and is very understanding. Always encouraging artists to be true to themselves. I love working with her. If you are looking for someone to guide you with your music career, you won't regret working with her!”

      — Kat Dion

      I sought Purna’s expertise on the art of networking as she clearly has lots of experience making worthwhile connections to support her vision and voice in the industry. From our short, straight-to-the-point mentorship session I got insight into tools Purna uses to approach speakers and potential collaborators to make the most of her time. This, coupled with her compassionate understanding of deeper issues and blocks which can make networking a daunting experience for some has given me more confidence and savvy skills to grow my network. I feel supported and energized to get out there again!”

      Isabel Meadowcroft (of Ziggy Jadovsky)

      I highly recommend Purna's service to any serious musician looking to work in the music industry. Purna is very professional and has a vast knowledge of the industry. Her dedication and passion makes working together effortless and actually fun. Her service has helped me identify my own target market as well as open a world of possibilities in terms of potential career opportunities I did not know even existed! 5/5 :)”

      — Mauricio Reyes, touring musician of 10 years

      Beginner Songwriting Lesson with Mike Mastromonaco

      Video coming soon!

      For more information, please contact Purna Music.