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Diversity & Inclusion Consultations

As someone who has seen and experienced tremendous injustice (in the music industry and the workforce in general) due to being a minority on many levels, Purna is driven with a sense of responsibility to educate businesses and arts organizations by offering inclusion consultation services. She helps them understand and implement policies, rules, spaces and environments that are not only open to the diverse, but truly inclusive. This allows women, LGBT and those with disabilities to feel comfortable and at ease, no matter where they work or what they are doing creatively. In turn, these individuals become more productive and much happier at work. By creating inclusive spaces for the diverse, we will come one step closer to creating equality.

With a clear vision of how to implement inclusive spaces in a future, larger recording studio and indie record label, Purna sits on the Board of Directors for the English Language Artist Network (ELAN Quebec), offering her time as both a Music and Corporate Representative and as a part of the Inclusion Committee. She has also been a Band Coach and given a workshop on "Home Recording Basics" at "Rock Camp for Girls and Non-Gender Conforming Youth" in Montreal to educate children and teenagers about self-empowerment, confidence, teamwork, music and the importance of inclusion in today's societies and cultures. 



For more information on Diversity & Inclusion Consultations, please contact Purna Music.